It’s amazing how something so old can contribute to today’s understanding.


In 1999 indifferent bulldozer operators excavated from under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as part of a remodeling project, dumping the material in a nearby landfill.   The Israel Antiquities Authority is trying to recover thousands of years of fragile and irreplaceable archaeological history by slowly sifting through this material to recover artifacts such as bone fragments, mosaic tiles, pottery, and coins.

Laura and I recently heard back from our morning’s work in Jan. 2009 at this archaeological site.  We were blessed to recover a coin, a “prutah” or “widow’s mite,” dating from around 58AD, about the time that Paul made his defense before Festus in Acts 25 and just before the gospel of Luke was written.  This ancient artifact will help archaeologists fill in the details of life and society during that time frame in Jerusalem.

It’s amazing how something so old can contribute to today’s understanding.  It’s even more amazing how an ancient Bible book named Isaiah can apply to our lives today, but it does!  Be sure and join us each Sunday over the next two months as we look closer at some of the best of the book of Isaiah.  This prophet of God was His mouthpiece and continues to issue a challenge to us in our day.  Come, read, listen, and get ready to apply what God will say to you!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season gives us plenty of opportunities to share the gospel message of Jesus with friends, family, and even through daily encounters with strangers.  Don’t miss them!  You will be blessed, and be a blessing.

Church family, don’t miss a church-wide “Hanging of the Green Party” on Sunday, Nov. 29th as we decorate the facilities for the season.  The other highlight of the season will be our annual Missions Brunch on Sunday, Dec. 6th.  These, and other events, will help to “make your season bright!”


Living in thanks and celebrating His coming,