Which describes you?



Are you a person with a “maintenance mindset” or do you walk in a “missional mode”?

(Warning:  We all have a natural tendency to default to the maintenance mindset.)

You say, “I’m not sure what those are, so how would I know which one is me?”


Specifically, it looks like this:

  • When we aren’t sure how something got started, but since it’s there, we feel that it should be kept going, we are walking in a “maintenance mindset.”
  • When we forget why we are doing something, but just concentrate on the doing of it
  • When we go through the motions and don’t expect too much
  • When we’re just trying to survive instead of thrive
  • When we are depending entirely on current resources and on what we can supply ourselves


Biblically it looks like this:

Hezekiah was in physical and political trouble, so he prayed to God for help.  God healed him and extended his life by 15 years.  Great!  Meanwhile, Isaiah the prophet comes to Hezekiah with a warning, telling him that there after he dies, all he has will be carried away by the Babylonians.  Instead of being upset about that — instead of seeking God in repentance — he is content to just maintain the status quo and walk in a “maintenance mindset.”

His reply to Isaiah’s news?  Then Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “The word of the Lord that you have spoken is good.”  For he thought, “Why not, if there will be peace and security in my days?”  (2Kings 20:19)

Hezekiah was apparently satisfied to just coast along and enjoy his personal peace and security rather than do what he needed to do to be right with God and do what God wanted him to do.  He was not concerned with the ones who would come behind him, but just with maintaining his own lifestyle.

Having served this church family for 20 years, the temptation is real to just “maintain” — to enjoy the fellowship we have…to keep on doing the same things in the same ways (with some success or not) …to stay busy going through the motions…to just survive and live on the known / comfortable.  But I DON’T WANT TO!!


Pray for your pastor, that God keeps me on “missional mode” that looks like this:

  • Constantly evaluate our purpose and vision
  • Not be afraid of embracing needed change
  • Be focused on transformation
  • Stay biblically oriented and adopt worthy guidelines
  • Expect much from God and depend on His infinite resources

Are you willing to stay on that ship with me?  Not just as a passenger, but as one of the crew!  Let’s row God’s way together!