God longs to accomplish His work through His people.


Ministry is a partnership.  A little boy was seen throwing paper wads from the church balcony on church member’s heads.  After church his dad reprimanded him and the boy said, “But dad, since you were preaching, I thought I’d keep them awake.”  Now that’s teamwork — a partnership!

In Philippians 1 Paul prays a prayer of thanksgiving for his friends at Philippi, remembering them with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.  (Phil.1:5) A couple of brief things about this ministry partnership:

Our partnership is first and foremost one with God.

Experiencing God by our friend, Henry Blackaby centers on 7 realities of experiencing God.  Number 3 of those realities is “God invites you to become involved with Him in His work.”  It is never to be our work, but God’s work.  God longs to accomplish His work through His people.  Will you be God’s partner?

Then our partnership is with each other.

Paul says that his partnership had been active with them from day one.  It’s been a joy to partner with the FBC Alvarado church family since Easter Sunday of 1995.  It was even more of a joy to watch this family pull / work together to accomplish a great gathering on April 26th as you celebrated 20 yrs. of partnership with this pastor and the Taylor family.

So many people worked so hard in planning and the entire church family pulled together in implementing those plans in order for the day to be a great success.  It was so smooth and so moving!  A huge thanks to our Personnel Committee, Arrangements Committee, Deacons, and Church Staff!  All of you folks communicated well and planned flawlessly!  A special thanks to the entire church family for your love gift on this anniversary.  You gave above and beyond your ability — thanks for letting God use you!  What a faith builder!

Now that day has passed and that spirit of partnership has been manifested, what does God want to do with us now in this partnership kind of way?  Our bottom line must always be:  not what I want or how I want it to be — what does God want here — how can I help God’s will be done for His glory?  Join us every week to find out how you can join God as His partner!