What is a rumor?

“A statement or report disseminated with no discernable source or authority for is truth.”  Scripture speaks of rumors several times — but never in a favorable light.

Have you heard the rumor about Wednesday, September 23 being a very special day?  Some people say that it is one of only two days a year when you can stand an egg on its end — that you can only do that on the spring and autumn equinox — the one we call “Fall.”  However, don’t tell those who can successfully get one to balance on any other day of the year as well.  It’s just a rumor after all.

However, the Fall is a special time of the year, isn’t it?  The cooler weather, leaf colors, baseball play-offs, college football games, gatherings of families and friends…all good things that come our way in the Fall.  There are a few others things that I’m looking forward to this Fall, over the next 2 months.

Special Events:
  • Financial Peace seminar that begins September 13 — see inside for details
  • New ladies Bible study that begins September 14
  • Steve Green Concert on October 18
  • Fall Home Bible Studies begin October 25
  • Students 5th Quarter on October 30
  • Fall Festival on October 31

Which of these events affect you?  Which ones can you help with?  Which of them will not happen without your assistance?  Which ones would bless you and through which ones can you be a blessing?

Sermon Series:

Every team needs a GAMEPLAN — including FBCA!  Coming in September is a GAMEPLAN evangelism initiative seeking to Pursue, Pray for, Plan,

Present, and Plug-in our friends and neighbors.

In October begins a look at the prophet Isaiah and how his message

impacts our lives now and the days ahead.

Let’s “fall” in place together as we serve, study God’s Word, share Jesus, and seek to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Christ and to our community.  The rumor is that it’s going to be a fantastic Fall!  I’m just


Pastor Wade